Stargirl Official Trailer

Tonight, we received the official trailer for the upcoming DC Universe Stargirl series. Now, before we jump into the trailer it should be noted that this series will also air on the CW, a day after it premieres on the DC Universe app. I know it is not the ideal situation for fans who wanted the show to be exclusive to the DC Universe app, but if it means there will be more eyes on the series it could ultimately lead to better ratings. I think we, the fans, can work with that sort of arrangement in the long run though.


Then as for the trailer, we get a good sense of what this series will be about when it comes to Courtney Whitmore and her hero journey. I am curious to know if S.T.R.I.P.E will show up in this season given that Geoff Johns has talked about the robot being in the show. I hope the model for S.T.R.I.P.E will look great. Anyways, readers please check out the trailer down below.

My personal thoughts of the trailer is I think it looks okay. I am hoping DC/ CW will be able to clean the series up a bit more, but Brec Bassinger as Stargirl looks great. I love the special effects for the staff she is wielding, as it feels realistic enough for its budget. So, I will hold off further judgement until the show starts airing. Nevertheless, I’m Ben and I’m out of here!

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