Tsuburaya Productions Releases Ultraman Blazar Trailer & Synopsis

Following the Ultraman Decker film, Tsuburaya Productions previewed a teaser trailer for its next televised Ultraman series for 2023. Officially titled, Ultraman Blazar, the new series was confirmed to not be a continuation of the Next Generation productions. However, the series will be an all-new original Ultraman production that seemingly does not rely on legacy material to transform. So, Ultraman Blazar will be more like older series than as seen with modern shows since Ginga onwards.


Whereas, as of today, Tsuburaya Productions has officially released the first trailer for the upcoming series. In addition, the studio has provided details regarding the series director, lead actor, and its synopsis. Now, as many expected, Kiyotaka Taguchi is returning to direct, and he will be collaborating again with Keigo Koyanagi. For those unaware, Mr. Koyanagi previously worked with Taguchi on Ultraman Z as a military advisor, and wrote for Trigger. Although, with Ultraman Blazar, Koyanagi will assist with story composition while continuing work as a scriptwriter. Then in regards to its lead actor, surprisingly early casting leaks were confirmed to be correct! Specifically, since Kamen Rider Drive’s Tomoya Warabino will portray series protagonist and Blazar’s host, Gento Hiruma. Additionally, the role features Warabino as a family man, and the defense team’s captain, which is called SKaRD. So, for the first-time ever, an Ultra Series protagonist must juggle being a husband, a father, a captain, and Ultraman.


Established in 1966 by nations all around the world in response to the worldwide outbreak of kaiju disasters, the Global Guardian Force (GGF) deals with kaiju and extraterrestrial life forms’ attacks on Earth.


Today, Earth sees continued destruction of nature and rapid rise in global warming. One night, a space crustacean kaiju Bazanga appears. The GGF’s cleanup operation is unsuccessful, and the special forces led by Gento Hiruma find themselves in a desperate situation. This is when a mysterious giant emerges from light. It is the unidentified humanoid alien that has been rumored among astronauts for decades, code-named “Ultraman.”


Later, Gento is summoned to the command center, where he is officially appointed as the commander of SKaRD, short for Special Kaiju Reaction Detachment, a team that had been secretly formed. Leading a special unit that pilots a giant kaiju-type robot artillery, Earth Garon, to respond with kaiju disasters. While Gento is ordered to investigate the Ultraman from the Battle of Bazanga, to determine whether it is a threat that needs to be eliminated or not, he has a flashback of a faraway galaxy—a shred of memory of a blazar… “I’ll go.”


Captain Gento, shrouded by Ultraman Blazar’s light, with the unique members of the newly organized SKaRD, throws themselves into battles against the kaiju with dauntless courage and an unwavering sense of justice!


Ultraman Blazar, Blazar Brace & SKaRD’s Earth Garon

Our new hero, Ultraman Blazar comes from an all-new location called M421, which is blazar far from Earth. Also, Ultraman Blazar’s signature attack is called the Spiral Burrade, a double-helical spear of light and projectile beam attack. Whereas, to transforms into Ultraman Blazar, Gento Hiruma will use the Blazar Brace and the Blazar Stone crystals. Additionally, SKaRD will possess its own mecha to combat kaiju called the Type 23 Special Tactical Armored Kaiju: Earth Garon. However, for short it is referred to as Earth Garon, and its main weapon is a particle cannon.


Now, Ultraman Blazar is schedule to premiere on July 8 at 9:00 am JST, and will air on TV Tokyo. Whereas, as per usual, the series will be simulcast on YouTube, and feature multiple subtitles for international fans. However, for Ultraman Blazar, this simulcast will also immediately include an English dub as an option. Nevertheless, we look forward to this new installment in the franchise, and hope to see where things go!


Source: Tsuburaya Prod.

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