The Drop Episode 21: Capcom’s V Reversal

This week’s The Drop sees Fighter xaos tackle what seems to be a crazy packed news week in terms of gaming, especially fighting games. Namco Bandai shows they are not out of steam yet, and Capcom seems to have gotten a miraculous second wind. In addition, this episode of The Drop also marks a new beginning. Over on my let’s play group channel, The Game Riffers, my co-hosts and I decided to re-brand as the all encompassing brand name “The Geek Fighters” which we were known as about 7 years ago. Now, the content RRPG, 16BitJeff, and I produce will be under TheGeekFighters umbrella.


What do you want me to cover next in the world of pop culture and geek news? Let me know! Tell me on social media or in the new Geek Fighters official discord server!

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