Batman: Death in the Family Official Trailer

We have a trailer for the upcoming animated movie “DC Showcase’s Batman: Death in the Family” which is set to be the first interactive animated movie by DC Comics and WB. In the trailer we get to see that it is up to us, the viewer, to decide what is Jason Todd fate throughout the film. Now, I have always been interested in seeing what would have happened if Jason had lived instead of died. So, we get to see that alternate reality in a sense. Fans, check out the trailer and we will talk below. Also, it should be noted that this film is Rated-R.


After seeing the trailer, I want Tim Drake in one of these movies, and I’ll even settle for a cameo at this point. I feel like the Batman animated movies always avoid bringing Tim into the picture. I get it, he’s the best Robin by far but it feels like every Robin is in an animated movie except Tim. Then again I don’t think Cassandra or Stephanie have been in Batman centered animated movies too, which to me feels weird given that both of those characters were Batgirl for quite sometime. I did enjoy them in Young Justice but their roles felt minor compared to what they could have been if given the time to be in the spotlight. Anyways, that is all I have for now, so readers be sure to stick with Hero-Club for all the nerd news that you care about. I’m Benodinson and I’m out!

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