Boss Fight Studios to Produce Bucky O'Hare Collectors Toyline

Boss Fight Studios has recently announced on their official Facebook page that they will be producing new collector’s style toys for the Bucky O’Hare franchise.  The toyline is stated to be of a 4 Inch scale, however not much else has been confirmed at this time.

For those who don’t know Bucky O’ Hare started as a comic book series in 1978.  It was later adapted into a video game on the original NES (Nintendo Entertainment System).  Eventually it led to a short lived TV series and toys were produced by Hasbro based on the show in 1993.

The series features the titular character Bucky O’Hare who ventures into a parallel universe called the aniverse.  In the aniverse there is a war between the United Animals Federation and the evil toad empire.  The computer system called the KOMPLEX runs the toad empire by brainwashing its citizens to do its’ bidding.

Source: Boss Fight Studios’ Facebook

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