Dragon Ball: Show Me the Work Ep. 3 – An Overabundance of Gods!

Welcome to Hero Club’s third official podcast based on the Dragon Ball franchise! Here your hosts, Fighterxaos and Wheelchair21, attempt to tackle various fan theories and misconceptions regarding the franchise. Yet, on occasion they will be joined by TheBadGamer to review the anime and films. Now, today’s episode is all about the Gods! From Kami to the Kais, the Kais to the Gods of Destruction, the Omni-King Zeno and the even Angels, we try to tackle them all. This episode will break down the tiers and roles of the Gods, and our hosts discuss some of the issues with Toriyama’s hierarchy. Also, this episode was prerecorded when we addressed the alarming situation with the FTC at the start of the show; we will try to bring some updates regarding the issue in the next episode.

Next time on an all-new episode of Dragon Ball: Show Me the Work!, we will either be discussing how Dragon Ball played apart of our Christmas’, or review a movie. We seriously have not decided yet!


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