Hero-Club LIVE Archives: Kamen Rider Geats’ Michael Kinder Interview

On Sunday, December 18th, Hero-Club held its first-ever live interview on Twitch, thus launching our interview subseries Hero-Club LIVE. To verify, this series will be for whenever interview guests want to meet up for long durations. In addition, the guests are allowing us to interview them in front of a virtual audience, and accept viewer participation. However, we are uncertain if future Hero-Club LIVE interviews will remain exclusively on Twitch or shared on YouTube moving forward.


Then as for our first guest in the series, it is actor, stuntman, and dancer, Michael Kinder! For those unaware, Michael Kinder is currently a regular on Kamen Rider Geats, as Neon’s bodyguard Ben. As a result, Michael is one of the lucky few foreign actors to be a regular in a tokusatsu production. Although, what is even more special about Michael is that he is a tokusatsu fan and geek himself. Now, our interview consists of asking Michael Kinder how he got to Japan, and got into the Japanese film industry. Whereas, this entire interview spans across 3.5 hours between our panel of hosts, and the audience who attended on Twitch. Anyway, without further ado, here is the Hero-Club LIVE Archive for our interview with Kamen Rider Geats’ Michael Kinder.

So, for those reading this upload, this concludes the our post regarding the archive’s official upload onto YouTube. Also, we hope that people who were unable to attend the broadcast enjoyed the interview. In addition, we hope that the people who were in attendance love that we have the replay available. Whereas, our staff would like to thank Michael Kinder again for spending practically 4 hours of his time with us. Furthermore, we would like to extend an open invitation for Michael to join us anytime on other podcasts and streams. Then for those looking to contact Michael on social media, he is available on multiple platforms like Twitter and Instagram. Nevertheless, readers please continue to support the site, and follow Hero-Club across social media using @HeroClub4Life!

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