Ikaricast Classic: We “Do A” Funeral

Sad, but true in that regard. Why? Well, Team Ninja announced on Sunday that they are moving on from Dead or Alive to focus on other projects. The most troubling thing from all of this is that we are not sure when they are coming back! Fighter xaos and RRPG take the reigns to talk about this predicament with what is currently going on with the Dead or Alive IP by Team Ninja. In addition, they discuss a slew of other topics that are featured in this podcast. Enjoy as we have so many items to cover!

0:00 – Introductions
11:31 – Dan Slott leaving The Amazing Spider-Man Comic
15:31 – Trails of Cold Steel IV Officially Announced & Shown
24:32 – SJWs Won’t Shut Up about Soul Calibur VI
29:03 – Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition adding Team Battles
32:06 – New Dragon Ball Movie Announced
36:11 – Main Topic (Dead or Alive Eulogy)

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