[Comic Review] Inferno Girl Red Book One #2

Inferno Girl Red issue 2 cover variant by Federico Sabbtini with MafuriahGood morning, Heroes, today we are back with another comic book review from Image Comics. So, many readers should expect that we are going to be returning to the Massive-Verse by this article’s title. This time will be following up on the story of Inferno Girl Red, specifically with Inferno Girl Red issue 2. Anyway, with the introduction out of the way, let us jump into this comic book review…


Comic Credits

  • Artist: Erica D’urso
  • Background Assistant: Lorenzo Tammetta
  • Colorist: Igor Monti
  • Color Assist: Sabrina Del Grosso
  • Design: For The People
  • Lettering: Becca Carey
  • Writer: Mat Groom & Erica D’urso
  • Cover Artist: Valeria Favoccia (Cover A), Erica D’urseo with Igor Monti (B), Kath Lobo (C), Federico Sabbatini with Mafuriah (D)



As our issue begins, Cássia and her mother Ana dealing with current events the best way that they can. Immediately, Cássia states that she does not want to be a superhero, and her reasons are rightfully so. Especially, given that everything happened so fast, and without any sort of reason behind Cássia’s transformation. However, here readers get to understand how her mother Ana, and the previous Inferno Girl Red operated as a team. Normally, Ana would chase down the leads, and then the original Inferno Girl Red would appear to fight the monsters. During the explanation we even learn that the monsters were guided, and assisted by a Cabal of Apex Citizens. Although, Ana manages to convince Cássia to continue this mother-daughter duo to stop whatever is currently happening in the city.


Continuing onwards with this issue, Cássia goes to check on her new roommate Harriette at the Helix Campus. So, the two briefly talk about the current situation they are in, and Cássia realizes that Harriette is a streamer. Specifically, Harriette streams to discuss about their perspective on topics, and has a high tolerance for “rude” comments. Then later that night at 4 am, Cássia gets her first real call to action from her mother. Now, what I enjoyed besides the action was Cássia morphing to her leaping into the air and follow her driving mother. Like it was something very simple, but I really loved the way Erica D’urso framed it.


After the aforementioned fight scene, which features Ana ramming her car into one of the monsters we return to school. Here we begin to see Cássia learning more about her classmates, like Thomas whose father teaches on the campus. During their conversation, we learn about how Cássia has a messy relationship with her own father. Currently, I am unsure if he will appear in the series, but I hope to see their relationship be explored. However, before Cássia could get Thomas to open up more, she gets a “Code Red” from her mother and leaves. Unfortunately for Cássia and us, the readers, we get to meet the actual Cabal of Apex Citizens in person. Although, we learn how they plan to fight Inferno Girl Red, and that is with the Very Scarce Fragments.


As expected, the confrontation with the Cabal does not go well for Cássia, as she gets beaten by their leader. During the fight, Cássia attempts to do a Dragon Blast, but she is lacking the ability to unleash the attack. Thankfully, with Ana’s help though, they are able to escape, but surprisingly, the Cabal’s leader addresses her mother by name. Yet, with their escape the mother-daughter duo regroups at the campus, and Cássia learns that Dr. Caro knows her secret. So, given how this issue ends I am assuming that Dr. Caro will help Cássia improve as Inferno Girl Red.


Overall, Inferno Girl Red Book One #2 is another solid issue following its launch, and it was worth the wait. As mentioned earlier, I predict we may learn about Cássia’s dad, and see her successfully perform the Dragon Blast soon. However, when that time comes, I know Igor Monti, Sabrina Del Grosso, and Erica D’urso will make it look gorgeous. Also, I do wonder how the series will progress moving forward as it dives into more of the Massive-Verse. Especially, since Book One ends with the next issue, so hopefully things start coming together and be explained. Nevertheless, we hope readers look forward to our review Inferno Girl Red Book One #3, which is coming soon…


Final Score: Five out of Five

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