[Comic Review] Inferno Girl Red Book One #3

Inferno Girl Red Book One issue three cover.

Good morning, Heroes! Today, we have our review for the final chapter in Inferno Girl Red Book One with its third issue. So, we are set to conclude this character’s current arc, and I am excited to how this series will end. For the most part, I have really enjoyed this series, and I hope its tokusatsu aspects brings in more fans. However, newcomers should not worry too much, as I expect this Book One will be compiled into a graphic novel. Anyway, enough with my introduction, let us get into our review for issue three of Inferno Girl Red.


Comic Credits

  • Artist: Erica D’urso
  • Background Assistant: Lorenzo Tammetta
  • Colorist: Igor Monti
  • Color Assist: Sabrina Del Grosso
  • Ashcan Artist: Valeria Favoocia
  • Design: For The People
  • Lettering: Becca Carey
  • Writer: Mat Groom & Erica D’urso
  • Editor: Kyle Higgins & Michael Busuttil
  • Cover Artist: Erica D’urseo with Igor Monti (A), Igor Monti (B), Dash O’Brein-Georgeson (C), David Lafuente (D)


I’ve been trying to figure out why this thing has been holding out on me but maybe I’ve been holding out on it.”


Our issue begins with Cássia explaining the current situation to Harriette, and from their conversation we learn about her father. Now, unlike regular tokusatsu heroes whose parents are missing or oblivious to everything, Cássia father just left his family. Surprisingly, the explanation given was he left, as Ana’s reputation for being an untrustworthy news source would affect his career. So, he made the decision to leave them, and never communicate with them again, which is pretty realistic. Although, Harriette has reassured Cássia, and remind her how she does not need to be like her father.


Coincidentally, I found Harriette’s words really compelling, and they helped Cássia realize that she is not alone. Specifically, since in many superhero stories, our protagonists feel as they must carry the entire universe on their shoulders. However, while it is an interesting trope to use, I think society has realized that everyone requires help to survive. Yet, I can understand how it is hard for people to accept help given how society can be. Although, I am glad seeing it be discussed, and how it relates to Cássia confirming she is Inferno Girl Red. Interestingly, this results in Harriette explaining that she always knew, but wanted Cássia to reveal it on her own terms. Also, it probably does not help that Harriette saw the bright red flash from Cássia’s transformations!


Anyway, continuing onwards, we learn about a plan involving Lillian, another one of our heroes’ peers. Unfortunately, in previous reviews, I never mentioned Lillian, as her role was minor until now. Whereas, in this issue, Lillian appears to have constructed a real-time energy usage monitoring system that identifies and locates energy. So, through the use of Lillian’s school project our heroes are able to track our villains. Also, I like how Lillian is able to guess that Cássia is Inferno Girl Red when they get her involved. In addition, I enjoyed how Harriette was styled during the interaction, as it reminded me of a comedic anime style. So, hats off to Erica D’urso, Sabrina Del Grosso, Igor Monti, and Valeria Favoocia for this particular scene.

Eventually, we arrive to this series’ final fight with Cássia battling the Relentless Emissary of the Eternal Void, The Griffin. Ironically, I was really excited, and somewhat scared for this moment, specifically when I saw those panels revealing the Griffin. Once again, the entire art team did an amazing job with this issue, and the overall run. Also, I love how Becca Carey and For the People manage their page space, and speech bubble choices. For example, I like how when the characters are in costume, the speech bubbles match their specific colors. So, The Griffin’s speech is in a purple text, while Inferno Girl Red’s text is in red. Ultimately, it is simple but effective to indicate they are almost like different people when the suits come on.


Then as for the battle, it is an amazing choreographed fight scene, which is accompanied by some pretty good dialogue. Like Mat Groom’s and Erica D’urso’s writing conveys The Griffin’s devotion to ensuring that his master’s plans come true. However, through The Griffin’s well-crafted banter with Cássia, this allows her to finally understand her powers before almost being defeated. So, just when things seem lost, Cássia realizes that her powers rely on her self-esteem resulting in a new transformation. Now, at this point in the issue, my hype level went through the roof for this new form’s reveal. Like I truly do not know how the art team devised this beautiful panel, but man it is dope!



Whereas, as previously mentioned in the past reviews, I expected that Cássia’s Dragon Blast would be successful in the finale. However, when the time came for it, the payoff was everything I could have imagined and more. Specifically, the page spread of the Dragon Blast flying towards The Griffin was incredible. Especially, with how the colors were blended together, it reminds me of visuals from Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. So, for readers who enjoyed that film, they would also really appreciate the artwork here in this issue alone. Personally, it is visually pleasing, and I feel that it is the highest praise I could give any comic book.


Now, as for the ending, I am not going to spoil it even though the book is already available. However, I will say that it is emotional and hearts strings will be pulled for sure. Whereas, for the overall series, it is a really good superhero origin for Inferno Girl Red with how everything concluded. So, I am excited to see where Cássia’s journey goes, and how it will play out within the Massive-Verse. Currently, I feel as though Cássia and Radiant Pink would get along fine personality wise if they ever meet. Although, as for everyone else in the Massive-Verse, I am very curious to see how those interactions could go down. Yet, my final thoughts on Inferno Girl Red are that Book One is a hit in my books. Also, I would like to extend a round of applause to the entire creative team that produced this awesome story. Nevertheless, I cannot wait to see what Book Two has in store for Cássia, our new blazing hero!


Final Score: Five out of Five

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