Nintendo: 30 Years Under the Influence

For the past 25 years of my life video games, and gaming has been my largest known hobby.  It all began when I was practically at the age of 3 or older, when I was first introduced to the medium thanks to the PC and consoles like the NES, Atari 2600 and the Sega Genesis. During these 25 years as a gamer, one could easily expect that I was or still a Nintendo fan. Now, I am not a die-hard fan where I could be labeled as a “Nintendrone”, but a fan of their software. To put into a better context the last Nintendo console I truly enjoyed as a consumer was the GameCube, which was 12 years ago during the sixth console generation. One might be wondering why that tidbit is important, that is because due to recent events that the company (specifically what both Nintendo of America and its’ headquarters, Nintendo Co. Ltd.) has been pulling these last 5 years. Just this past year alone, 2016 became the year that made me stop supporting this company and its’ anti-consumer policies that it has been managing since Nintendo entered the western market 30 years ago.

To clarify, while I am at the point as a consumer that due to these polices I have grievances with Nintendo I wish no ill will nor harm to the employees at both NOA/ NCL. My issues has and always has been with the top brash at both establishments.

Pkmn U

To start off with what I meant by “anti-consumer policies that it has been managing since Nintendo entered the western market 30 years ago”, I mean by the draconian policies that Nintendo as a company still have in effect to this day. 30 years ago during the NES popularity, NCL would blacklist a company if the company would not make software for them exclusively, and while that policy does no exist today (at least to the public’s knowledge) that mentality still exists. What I am referring to is what the company has pulled with their own fans and the communities hard work through art, film and yes, even video games due to “mishandling IP”. The best example for this “mishandling IP” was seen with the most recent Game Awards where the nominated fan games, AM2R (Another Metroid 2 Remake) and Pokemon Uranium were pulled from the Best Fan Game nomination due to the IP holder. A top that Nintendo strong-armed it few ways, one by threatening to pulling their upcoming game’s new trailer, Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. To me that is appalling and to a degree should be considered illegal.

Speaking of that game that the Nintendo loyalists presume to be “Game Of The Year 2017” shows how biased, and to a point cultist the companies fan base can sadly be. This is the same company who has had released in the last decade: a fad disguised as a video game system, an embarrassment of a successor, and two portable systems that while had stronger software libraries than their home console brethren. Along with that these consoles, the Wii and Wii U, still were disappointments to the industry and its’ consumers. Talking about these loyalists who are most likely in their 50’s by now, or breed their child into the cult. I hate to break it to these guys, but they need to hear how this “great company” has been lying and manipulating them with false promises, and even worse the despicable amounts of nostalgia is an overstatement.


Another main issue I have specifically with Nintendo of America is its head, Reggie Fies-Amie, former head of both VH1 and Pizza Hut. To put into perspective how horrendous of a leader Mr. Fies-Amie has been for the American branch of Nintendo, it is best to compare him to another deplorable leader from their former rival, Sega, former President and COO of Sega of America from 1996 to 1999, Bernard Stolar. Like the last decade for Nintendo under Fies-Amie’s leadership, Mr. Stolar was notoriously known for doing bullish practices that hurt not only Sega of America, but for a short period during the 90’s, Sony Computer Entertainment of America. Similar to “Bernie the Bull” in the past, Mr. Fies-Amie has been known for being bullish in regards, towards which software, more specifically which genre of Software comes overseas for the western market.

Then as for the last time Nintendo dared to do something different with their IPs, it was with the Nintendo Gamecube! Yup, the sixth generation ran supreme… Not only by making a console was for a good chunk of the sixth generation of consoles, but it was the stander regarding power and specs. Yet more importantly it was the actual software produces from both, Nintendo and the third-party developers.

In closing, while I have been disgusted with the actions that both Nintendo of America, and NCL has taken this last decade, as well as with the actions of the close-minded “Nintendo faithful” that doesn’t mean I want to see them fail. While I personally think that during this generation that either Nintendo, Microsoft, or Sony could be in real danger financially, more specifically Nintendo, I still want to hear good things for a change. I especially want to hear good things on Thursday, January 12th when the company finally does show in length what their new platform, the Nintendo Switch can do. However with the history that has been attached to this company for the last 30 years, specifically the bad, I would advise that when it comes to Nintendo, expect to be disappointed.

Member? Nintendo

Now, those were my grievances with the company, and why I have come to distance myself as one of its consumers. I also thought this would help explain that the company is not all about those sunny days and rainbows, that it presents itself. At best Nintendo has become nothing more than the “Member Berries” from South Park, it is not entirely bad thing but it is helping to cloak that darker side presented here. Never less I would like to hear back from the Hero Club community, and from other readers on whether if he or she agrees with my thoughts or not. No matter the side taken, as long as it is approached respectably. This is 16BitJeff sounding off, welcome to the New Year and let us look forward to Thursday!

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