Official Images: Digimon Tamers Card Game Set Ver.15th

The official Cardass website has recently updated an official page for Digimon Tamers Card Game Set Ver.15th.  The set will include a sleuth of returning cards based on the show and some new cards including Takato’s drawn Blue Card.  The card set will include 65 cards and will be released with a special box based on the one that Takato carried on the show.

Premium Bandai Digimon Tamers Cards Ver.15th

Premium Bandai Digimon Tamers Cards Ver.15th Contents

The set includes:

  • Digivolution (Super Evolution Plug-In S)
  • Speed (Speed Plug-In B)
  • Hypersonic (Speed Plug-In H)
  • Hyperspeed (Speed Plug-In T)
  • Attack (Attack Plug-In A)
  • Rock Armor (Defense Plug-In G)
  • Strength (Strength Plug-In W)
  • Energy (Strength Plug-In O)
  • Program Pause (Invalidate Plug-In P)
  • Recharge (Refill Plug-In Q)
  • Power (Boost Chip)
  • Targeting (Aurvandil’s Arrow)
  • Hyper Chip (Devil Chip)
  • Power (Power Charger)
  • Radiant Fate (The Glimmer of Fate)
  • Stamina (Seed of Durability)
  • Hyper Wing (White Wings)
  • Armor (Heavy Metal)
  • WarGreymon’s Brave Shield (Brave Shield)
  • Digmon’s Drill (Steel Drill)
  • Thor’s Hammer
  • Radiant Form (Queen’s Device)
  • Training Grips
  • Allias
  • Expansion (Inflation Space)
  • Goliath (King Device)
  • Metalgarurumon Blaster (Metalgarurumon)
  • Frigimon’s Subzero Ice Punch
  • Ladydevimon
  • Agumon’s Frozen Wind 
  • Snimon: Twin Sickles (Snimon: Iron Blade)
  • Heat (Meramon: Burning Fist)
  • Tomahawk (Battle Tomahawk)
  • Aero Wing
  • Shellmon: Hydro Blaster (Shellmon : Hydro Pressure)
  • 3D Blue Card
  • 3D Red Card
  • Takato’s Drawn Blue Card
  • Speed (Speed Plug-In D)

Premium Bandai Digimon Tamers Cards Ver.15th Contents Part 2

The set also includes several standard Digimon cards, which include:

  • Guilmon
  • Growlmon
  • MetalGrowlmon
  • Megidramon
  • Gallantmon
  • Gallantmon Crimson Mode
  • Terriermon
  • Gargomon
  • Rapidmon
  • MegaGargomon
  • Renamon
  • Kyuubimon
  • Taomon
  • Sakuyamon
  • Impmon
  • Beelzemon
  • Beelzemon Blast Mode
  • Leomon
  • Cyberdramon
  • Justimon
  • Marineangemon
  • Guardramon
  • Lopmon

Preorders for the set will open on July 22 priced at 6480 Yen, however currently the release date has not been confirmed at this time.  Those who are interested should contact their preferred middleman for more details.

Source: Cardass


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