Overwatch 2 Announcement Trailer

We have the announcement cinematic trailer for Overwatch 2 which is set to drop in the future. This is just the cinematic focusing on the Overwatch world and whatever team worked on this. They deserve a raise, a bonus, and everything else in between. If it is one thing I have always loved about Overwatch is the potential of the lore and what they could do with it. Now, we have learned a few things about Overwatch 2. One of them being if fans have the original OW, they will get the new maps and characters. The second with Overwatch 2, we will have more story based missions which require co-op. In addition, with a newer game engine for this sequel game. Outside of that I believe they will talk about this more during the panel tomorrow, where we will get more details about the changes among other things. Until then, readers check out the wonderful trailer and let us know what you think. I am still Benodinson and I’m out for now!

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