The Dragon Prince: Mystery of Aaravos

The Draong Prince poster featuring a dragon, Rayla, Ezran, and Callum

We have the first teaser for the upcoming season of The Dragon Prince. Season four is titled “The Dragon Prince: Mystery of Aaravos.” I have to say I’m interested in getting this characters backstory and I’m looking forward to seeing this season deliver that and more. We do know that this season is set to come out later this year but so far no actual release date. If you liked Avatar: The Last Airbender, I highly recommend checking out The Dragon Prince. You’ll find yourself pulled into this world and…

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One Piece Film Red Official Trailer 2

Movie poster for One Piece Film Red with Shanks, Luffy, and Uta.

Happy Wednesday! We have the second trailer for the upcoming One Piece Film Red today. We get to see Luffy interacting with Uta who is revealed to be one of his childhood friends. Which I’m excited to see expanded more in this film as we know a bit of Luffy’s past but not everyone who he has befriended over the years. Especially when it comes to Uta being Shanks daughter of all things. Overall, pretty excited to see this film when it eventually comes overseas. I know it’s being released…

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Masters of the Universe: Revelation Sequel Series Announced

Deadline has reported that a sequel miniseries to the Masters of the Universe: Revelation series is currently in the works. The series will be named “Masters of the Universe: Revolution,” and will feature the return of Mattel Television along with Powerhouse Animation. Netflix states the series is stated to feature a “standalone story” and also states that the series will focus on the battle of He-Man vs. Skeletor “like you never seen them before.” Currently no other details are confirmed at this time so stay tuned for updates. Netflix also…

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Black Adam Official Trailer

Today, we finally have the first trailer for the upcoming Black Adam film. In the trailer, we are presented with some backstory as to who Black Adam is, as he talks to Doctor Fate being played by Pierce Bronson. In addition, we get glimpses of every hero in action, and I have to say everyone looks good so far. I love how everyone’s powers seem to work and I cannot wait to see it on the big screen. The film is set to come out October 21, 2022. Please let…

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