Review: Star Wars 6 Inch Black Series C-3PO Resistance Base

Hello Hero Club, this is Darkon633 and I am back with another review. Today we will be looking at the Force Awakens version of C-3PO in the 6 Inch Black Series.   It is really sad to see that the Force Awakens version of C-3PO is almost as hard to find as the OT version for me. Due to the figure being packed one per case it was quite a chore to find. Overall the figure is mostly the OT version minus a few areas. I was actually quite shocked to see that the inner wiring sculpt is different from the OT version so its good to see actual new sculpted areas compared to the other release. In conclusion if you are a fan of the red arm version of C-3PO then I recommend getting this figure otherwise it is probably better to just stick with the OT version.

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