The Nacelle Company to Produce “SilverHawks” Animated Series Revival

Deadline has reported that The Nacelle Company is working on a new animated “SilverHawks” series. For those who are not aware, “SilverHawks,” was an animated series produced by Rankin / Bass productions and was released in 1986. The original series ran for 65 episodes and also were featured in comics under one of Marvel Comics imprints, Star Comics. The SilverHawks series focused on a team of heroes in the 29th Century. The team featured a group of beings armored with metal bodies and wings, who used their abilities to protect the citizens of the Galaxy of Limbo. The Galaxy of Limbo is taken over by Mon*Star who runs a mob of various villains. The series was originally created to parallel the “Thundercats” animated series, which premiered the year prior.

Currently Super7 is working on the SilverHawks Ultimates toyline, which collector’s line based on the original series. The first wave of figures is set for release in Early 2022. According to Deadline, Super7 will also be helping with the development of the new series. No other details are confirmed at this time so stay tuned for updates.

Source: Deadline

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