Ultraman R/B Lead Actors Revealed & Teaser Trailer!

Today, Hochi newspaper got an interview with the stars of the upcoming Ultra series, Ultraman R/B. This interview also serves as the official reveal for the series’ lead roles, as well as provides additional information on the show. First off actors, Yuuya Hirata and Ryosuke Koike are our stars with Hirata portraying Katsumi Minato (Ultraman Rosso) and Koike as Isami Minato (Ultraman Blu).


Katsumi is the oldest of the two brothers, working at their father’s clothes store. Whereas, Isami is the younger of the two, and currently attends college. However, their lives will change when they come in possession of the R/B Gyros and R/B Crystals, becoming Ultraman Rosso and Blu. The brothers may often collide with one another, but will learn to look past their sibling rivalry to confront a new enemy!


Ultraman Blu/ Isami Minato (Ryosuke Koike) left, Ultraman Rosso/ Katsumi Minato (Yuuya Hirata) right

In the interview, Hirata describes Katsumi as a serious and straightforward person, who thinks a lot about his family. Hirata believes the character’s personality is as close to being human as possible. In addition, Hirata mentions the character loves baseball, and has an eye for fashion. Whereas, Koike describes Isami as a free-spirited individual, and has an unwanted rocky relationship with his brother, Katsumi. Furthermore, Koike sees the Minato brothers as well as Rosso and Blu as being incomplete without one another; that individually they are missing something and hopes they will combine.

Ultraman R/B is the 30th entry in the Ultra series created by Tsuburaya Productions. The series is alluded to being a sequel to the 2016 series, Ultraman Orb, as it will feature a villainous variation of the character, Ultraman Orb Dark. Ultraman R/B is set to premiere on TV Tokyo on July 7th, 2018 and the series will span 25 episodes.


Source: Hochi, Tsuburaya Productions YouTube Channel



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