Tsuburaya Productions Launches ‘Tsuburaya Imagination’ Streaming Service

Today, Tsuburaya Productions announced its first official subscription based streaming service for residents in Japan. Titled, Tsuburaya Imagination, the service will allow customers to view Tsuburaya Productions’ entire Ultra Series library. However, other productions by the studio like Gridman or Mirroman may be made available on the service later. The service is part of the celebration for the original Ultraman series’ 55th Anniversary.


Now, in addition to the existing library, Tsuburaya Imagination will feature service exclusive content. The service’s first exclusive production is Sevenger Fight, and it is currently available at launch. Sevenger Fight is a throwback to Tsuburaya Productions’ mini-series like Ultra Fight, and Redman. The series will feature fan-favorite character and mecha, Sevenger in professional wrestling-like struggles against other kaiju. The 10-episode mini-series will act as tie-ins to events within Ultraman Z.

Series director, Kiyotaka Taguchi mentions in an interview on Tsuburaya’s English website that series began as a joke. However, when producer Junichiro Ashiki and other staff heard the joke, they pushed to make the concept into a reality. In addition, Mr. Ashiki serves as the main writer for Sevenger Fight. Whereas, Ultraman Z’s lead actors like Kohshu Hirano, Rima Matsuda, Hikari Kuroki, and Takaya Aoyagi will return for audio dialog.


Sevenger Fight episodes 1 through 7 will be first made available on Tsuburaya Imagination. Then episodes 8 through 10 will be first released in the ULTRAMAN Z Complete Works STORAGE Box as on the bonus feature disc. However, international distribution for the mini-series will be announced later. So, readers please stayed tuned to Hero-Club for more details and future updates.


Source: Tsuburaya Global

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