Digimon Adventure Tri Chapter 6: Our Future Trailer Streamed

Recently a trailer for the sixth and final chapter for Digimon Adventure Tri.  The latest trailer features the Digidestineds as they get prepared to fight Ordinemon, the “fusion” of Ophanimon Falldown Mode & Raguelmon.

Withthewill provided a translation of the narration featured in the video.

Agumon: We’ll meet again! Definitely!
?: If you do not stop Ordinemon, then there will be no future left for this world.
Gabumon: Because this is something that only we, as [their] friends, can do [for them]!
Yamato: We’ll save the world, with our own way of doing things!

The official website for Digimon Adventure Tri also updated with a synopsis for the final chapter.

The destruction of the world has begun.
Meicoomon, who had gone berserk, absorbed the dark-evolved Tailmon and transformed into Ordinemon, who possesses tremendous power.
As predicted by Yggdrasil, the Real World is starting to get engulfed by the Digital World.
However, even as despair looms ever closer, the Chosen Children continue to move forward with determination.
Now that Taichi isn’t around, Yamato is the only one who can take his place.

“We have to do this if we want to save the world!”

Gabumon acts as a pillar of support for Yamato; Agumon believes that Taichi will surely return.

At the same time, Homeostasis, who has decided that Ordinemon is beyond salvation and needs to be disposed of, is about to proceed to the final stages of its plan, which will involve the Real World.
The children and their Partner Digimon carry on fighting in an attempt to stop the spread of the destruction.

“All of the light lies within Meicoomon…”

Tailmon’s voice reaches Hikari, who is currently in a state of despair.
And so the time for the children to make their final decision draws near.
What will the future, which the Chosen Children themselves have chosen, be?

Now, the adventure evolves again…

Digimon Adventure tri. Chapter 6: Our Future will premiere in Japanese theaters on May 5, 2018.

Source: Withthewill, MarcFBR, Official Website

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