Blue Beetle Film Set to Premiere in Theaters

Today, we have learned that the upcoming Blue Beetle film is no longer going to be a HBO Max streaming service exclusive. Instead, the film has been announced to be receiving a theatrical release on August 18, 2023. Now, I have to say that I am okay with this since I know the movie theater industry needs to make its money back. However, after what has happened in the real world, we should understand not everyone feels safe returning to movie theaters. Nevertheless, let’s hope that by 2023, that we can all enjoy seeing movies in theaters once again. Whereas, Warner Bros will still place their films onto HBO Max within 45 days after their theatrical premiere. So, moviegoers should keep that tidbit of knowledge in mind going forward! Anyway, as always readers please let us know what you think down below? Also, readers are you excited to see Jaime Reyes make his big screen debut?!


Source: TheHollywoodReporter

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