Hollywood Tiger & Bunny Live-Action Writer Announced

The Hollywood Reporter has recently reported that the writer for the American live-action adaptation of the Japanese anime series, Tiger & Bunny, has been announced.  It has been confirmed that  Ellen Shanman will be writing for the project.  The movie is being produced by the joint team of Imagine Entertainment, All Nippon Entertainment Works (ANEW), and Bandai Namco Pictures.  The main producers are Brian Grazer, Ron Howard, Sandy Climan, and Masayuki Ozaki.   The project will be overseen by the president of Imagine Entertainment, Erica Higgins.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Ellen Shanman is known for being the author of the novel titled Right Before Your Eyes and Everything Nice.”  She also is known for adapting the novel titled Falling out of Fashion” (Liv) with the help of 2S Films and Alcon Entertainment.  She has also worked on the adaptation of the YA superhero novel titled  , The Brokenhearted”  for New Line Cinema and Alloy.

Ron Howard also had some statements about the project.


“As we move forward in developing the wonderful Tiger & Bunny film, we are delighted to add a true rising star in Ellen Shanman to bring the story and characters to life,” Howard said Thursday in a statement. “Ellen’s strong, visionary, creative voice is a perfect match to adapt this wildly popular story for new audiences.”

The Tiger & Bunny anime series was produced by Sunrise directed by Keiichi Satou in 2011.  Masayuki Ozaki produced the anime series along with the help of Kenji Hamada and Seiji Takeda.

The series is set in the year “NC 1978” in a fictional, futuristic version of New York City now called Stern Bild City.    45 years ago a team of superheroes known as “NEXT” (Noted Entities with eXtraordinary Talents) helped protect the city from evil.  Over time each of the city’s most famous heroes start working for a sponsor company (which advertises real life companies) and are now part of the latest TV hit craze “, Hero TV.”  Those who gain enough points by saving civilians and stopping criminals will be known as the “King of Heroes.” 

The main hero, Kotetsu T. Kaburagi (Wild Tiger) is assigned a new partner, Barnaby Brooks Jr. (Bunny).   By working together they fight to protect the world from the evil acts of the vigilante, Lunatic, and other villains while trying to find the mystery behind the murder of Barnaby’s parents.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter


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