Legion of Super Heroes Complete Series Blu-Ray Announced

Warner Archive, the Manufactured on Demand (MOD) division of Warner Bros Home Entertainment, has announced their newest DC Universe Blu-Ray release. Releasing this July is Legion of Super Heroes: The Complete Series. Originally aired between 2006-2008 on Kids WB, Legion of Super Heroes ran for two seasons with a total of 26 episodes. The series is a love letter to the Legion and its fans, but has only received a partial home video release prior with three DVD volumes. Season 2 has never seen a home video release prior to this one. The series appeared on the DC Universe streaming service in HD in 2018.

One thousand years from now the legendary Man of Steel inspires a group of emerging young heroes from the 31st century to band together and defend the newly formed United Planets. That is, if they don’t kill each other first. In Season One, Legionnaires Bouncing Boy (Michael Cornacchia), Brainiac 5 (Adam Wylie), Saturn Girl (Kari Wahlgren) and Lightning Lad (Andy Milder) travel back in time to convince an awkward teen named Clark Kent (Yuri Lowenthal) to join their Legion of Super Heroes and battle their archnemeses, the Fatal Five. The insecure teen is, in turn, inspired by his new friends and, with their help, begins his journey to become the galaxy’s greatest hero. Catching up two years later, Season Two presents Superman and the Legion with an even greater challenge: Kell-El, the Superman of the 41st century!

Legion of Super Heroes The Complete Series Blu-Ray will be released MOD on July 14, 2020 for $29.99. The set is available for pre-order now on WB Shop.

Source: WB Shop

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