Playstation Showcase 2021: Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Remake Announced

Sony recently held a Playstation Showcase, which featured a look at several games that will be released for the Playstation 5. Among the reveals was a remake for Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. For those who are not aware, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic was a RPG game set in the Star Wars universe that was released for PC and Xbox in 2003. Although the story of the game took place in the past, the events were later considered non canon and was rebranded to be apart of the Expanded Universe. No other details about the remake is currently announced at this time, however the game will be developed by Aspyr Media, who previously worked on several other modern ports of Star Wars games.

It is great to see that game will finally be remade on a modern console, although it is a shame that it seems to be currently stuck on the Playstation 5. While I sadly doubt it I hope the game will also make its way on the Playstation 4, however for now I will be closely seeing new details about the game in the meantime.

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