SD Gundam World: Sangoku Soketsuden Premiere Date, Cast & Opening Revealed

Following an announcement at the Sunrise Gundam 40th panel at Anime Expo, we have the full details for the premiere of SD Gundam World: Sangoku SoketsudanThe series, announced late last year, is finally premiering on July 26th, 2019. The series is based upon the Chinese novel series, Romance of the Three Kingdoms and as such features three rival kingdoms. Characters are a fusion of the characters from the original novels and well-known Gundam/ Mobile Suit designs.

A new promotional video was released to announce the premiere date of the series. In addition, the video revealed that the series will be streaming on the GundamInfo YouTube channel in multiple subtitle options. We have attached the English subbed version for our readers. Furthermore, the promotional video also reveals that the series’ theme song is titled “Removes” performed by SWANKY DANK. The band’s name should ring a bell for Gundam fans, as SWANKY DANK performed the second opening for Gundam Build Divers, known as “Infinity”. 


Also, thanks to a post on the Japanese GundamInfo website, we have news on the cast for SD Gundam World. The cast includes Toshiaki Kuwahara as Liu Bei Unicorn Gundam, Taro Yamaguchi as Sun Jian Gundam Astray, and Shunsuke Takeuchi as Cao Cao Wing Gundam. However, no other cast members have been revealed at this time, but based on the massive number of Gunpla kits released for the series, there will be many more cast announcements soon. SD Gundam World: Sangoku Soketsuden Episode 1, “Dragon’s Watch” will premiere globally on July 26, 2019 on GundamInfo.


Source: GundamInfo

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