Star Wars: Hunters Gameplay Trailer Streamed

Zynga recently released a new trailer for Star Wars: Hunters, which finally reveals some gameplay footage.  For those who are not aware, the game was first unveiled during the February 2021 Nintendo Direct. The game is an 4v4 player arena styled game. The latest trailer also features a look at the various characters and their abilities. Star Wars: Hunters will be released as a free to play title for the Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android in 2022.


Star Wars: Hunters™ Landing on Nintendo Switch™ and Mobile devices in 2022!

The teams are getting ready, the show is about to begin, screams of delight can be heard from the seats. Meet the combatants, discover their unique fighting style, and learn about their unique abilities in thrilling 4v4 team battles. Explore dynamic maps inspired by iconic Star Wars locales, unsheathe their best combat strategy, and be prepared to thrill the Arena and achieve glory.

Looking at the gameplay it does look fun, however I can say it definitely has a mobile game like feel. That being said I do like how the in game character models look like. At this moment in time there still is not much to talk about without playing the game myself so I will be checking this out when it releases.

Source: Zynga

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