Ultra Fight Orb Coming in April

n-4510-1Back in November, it was announced that Ultraman Orb would be receiving an Ultra Fight series. Now, we have the information on its release and what the series is about! The full title for this mini-series is “Ultra Fight Orb: Parents’ Forces – I Will Do It!” The series will be attached to the on-going Ultraman Zero Chronicle, starting on April 15th. There will be an entirety of 8 episodes, with each part running 3-minutes long. Koichi Sakamoto is the series director, and Junichiro Tomaki as the series head-writer.

The Series Description:

A new enemy Phantom Mage Ray Batos manipulates the monsters’ ghosts, to stand against Ultraman Zero, and before Ultraman Orb! In Orb’s fight with the ghost monster army, Orb will obtain new fusions and reinforcements will arrive to assist him. In the battle Orb will inherit the form of Lightning Attacker from the power of Ginga and X! In addition, Orb will inherit the powers of parent and child, Seven and Zero, in the form of Emerium Slugger! Will Orb be able to overcome the threat of Reibatos?

Source: M-78

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