Viz Media Announces Sailor Moon R Film US Theatrical Release

Viz Media has recently announced during their Moonlight Party livestream that they will be releasing the Sailor Moon R film in theaters in the US next January.   Similar to many previous Anime films, Eleven Arts will be teaming up with the company to release the film.  The film will also feature the “Make up! Sailor Guardians” short.   Sailor Moon R will be screened in both in the original Japanese audio format with English subtitles as well as a English Dubbed version.   Those who attend the film in theaters will also receive a special gift while supplies last.

Viz Media provided an English dub trailer for the film.

They also posted a behind the scenes video for the film, which features the reveal that Ben Diskin is the voice of Fiore.

The film originally debuted in theaters in Japan on December 5, 1993.  It was later released in the United States on February 8, 2000 by Pioneer Entertainment under the name Sailor Moon R: The Movie: The Promise of the Rose.   The film also was aired on Toonami and also in Canada via YTV, although it was the edited version.

The film story is about Mamoru Chiba’s past when he meets a mysterious boy named Fiore.  He gives him a rose and Fiore promises him one day he would give him more flowers. Fiore returns to earth, however it is not for the reason Mamoru expects.


Source: Viz Media, ANN



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