Review: Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi 3.75 General Leia Organa

Hello Hero Club, this is Darkon633 and I am back with another toy review. It is a shame that Leia hasn’t gotten many figures since the Force Awakens since there have been only two figures based on her appearance in the recent films. That being said at least this version of General Leia Organa turned out pretty good. Although she lacks the articulation of the previous version of the character it is in my opinion the superior sculpt. The Black Series 3.75 Leia in her formal gown didn’t really impress me too much especially since the head sculpt really didn’t look like Carrie Fisher. Luckily Force Link General Leia features a much better face sculpt and the outfit works out well. In conclusion I highly recommend getting this figure. I got this figure from

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