Official Images: S.H.Figuarts Ultraman & Ultraman Suit ver7 -the Animation-

Tamashii Nations previously announced at the Ultra Hero Tamashii Event that they would be release new S.H.Figuarts based on Ultraman and Ultraseven as seen in the Ultraman manga. Yet, the characters were previously released by Tamashii Nations as Ultra-Act x S.H.Figuarts during the early years of the manga’s run. However, the release of these updated figures are to commemorate the adaptation of the manga as the Netflix original anime series.


First off, S.H.Figuarts Ultraman -the Animation- is based on Shinjiro Hayata armored form, as he inherited the Ultra Factor from his father, the host of Ultraman, Shin Hayata; the armored suit is made to replicate Ultraman’s abilities on a human-sized level to combat invading aliens. The figure replicates the ability to display Shinjiro with his Spacium Blades, and fire either the Spacium Slash or Spacium Ray. In addition, the figure will feature two pairs of optional hands.

Then as for Dan Moroboshi/ Ultraseven, in the manga/ anime the character’s armor is referred to as the Seven Suit; thus the figure is called S.H.Figuarts Ultraman Suit ver7 -the Animation-. The figure will feature the Seven Suit’s Spacium Sword and Sheath, as well as a Slugger (throwing knife). In addition, the figure will come with a slash effect for the Spacium Sword. Furthermore, the optional hand assortment will consist of two right hands and four left hands.


Now, both figures are retail releases priced at 6,480 yen with pre-orders scheduled to open on Monday, April 8th. However, S.H.Figuarts Ultraman -the Animation- is an August 2019 release. Whereas, S.H.Figuarts Ultraman Suit ver7 -the Animation- is a September 2019 release. Fans interested in purchasing these items can do so at any online retailer like our sponsor, CS Toys International. Also, it is possible that Bluefin Tamashii/ Bandai Namco Collectibles may distribute the figures to North America due to the anime’s international release through Netflix. Yet, it has not been currently confirmed, so please stand by for possible updates.


Source: Tamashii Nations

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