[Official Images] S.H.Figuarts Ultraman Z Delta Rise Claw

Recently, Tamashii Nations confirmed the release details for S.H.Figuarts Ultraman Z Delta Rise Claw. The figure was previously shown during the most recent Tamashii Features events held in Japan. Now, for those unaware, the figure is based on the titular character, Ultraman Z in his strongest Ultra Fusion form. The form, itself, is the combination of powers from Ultraman Zero Beyond, Ultraman Geed Primitive and Ultraman Belial Atrocious. In addition, the character obtains the living weapon, Beliarok which its theme is based on Ultraman Belial. Anyway, below is the gallery for the figure, and accessory list provided by Premium Bandai:

The figure will contain:

  • Optional Pairs of Hands x5
  • Optional Red Color Timer
  • Beliarok
  • [Bonus] Alpha Chain Blade Effect
  • [Bonus] Ultraman Z Alpha Edge Optional Pairs of Hands x2


Pre-orders for S.H.Figuarts Ultraman Z Delta Rise Claw will open Monday, September 13 at 6:00 pm JST. Whereas, orders for the figure are priced at 7150, and they are scheduled to release in January 2022. So, for those interested in purchasing this figure, they should contact their preferred middleman service now for more details.


Source: Premium Bandai

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