Toei Announces Third Kamen Rider Project: Hideaki Anno’s Shin Kamen Rider

Toei’s final announcement regarding the three Kamen Rider 50th anniversary projects is none other than Shin Kamen Rider. For some time now, fans knew about this upcoming project through the title’s trademark being filed in Japan. However, no other details were confirmed besides fan assumptions that Hideaki Anno would be involved. Now, it is confirmed the project is a feature length film, and Hideaki Anno is apart of the production. Accompanying the announcement for the project, Toei revealed the following teaser trailer and promotional visuals:

The poster for Shin Kamen Rider:

In addition, to announcement Hideaki Anno produced a memorial video for the original Kamen Rider series featured in Toei’s live-stream. The video is a personally edited compilation of scenes from episodes 1 to 15, and it is accompanied by the tv sized version of the theme song.

Currently, Hideaki Anno is the only person attached to the film’s production. Whereas, illustrations for the visuals were drawn by anime director and character designer, Mahiro Maeda. However, we should assume other Toei executives like Shinichiro Shirakura will be somehow involved in Shin Kamen Rider’s production. Also, unlike the previous two announced projects that are scheduled for 2022, Shin Kamen Rider is slated for March 2023. Furthermore, Toei launched the film’s official website which will be providing more news its production. Nevertheless, we intend to follow its production for the next two years, so please stay tuned for more updates!


Source: Kamen Rider Official


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