Ultraman Geed Episode 22 – Repossession Review

Ultraman Geed only has four episodes left when including episode 22 among them. However, after this episode we come down to the final three. Now, Episode 22 “Repossession” seems to be the set-up for what seems to be a three-part finale; this is due to Kei commencing his plot to acquire the Alien Empera and Dark Lugiel Capsules…



Arie returns home where Kei appears to her, before he contacts AIB to hand over the Alien Empera and Dark Lugiel Capsules. In his message, Kei flaunts Arie as his hostage, and wishes Riku to exchange the Capsules to save Arie’s life. Zena is hesitatent to bring in Riku for the mission, but Riku easily complies as well as Laiha. However, AIB plans to set-up a sting operation to takedown Kei at the exchange. This operation forces Zena and Moa to pull Reito away from a very important meeting.

At the exchange, Kei has Arie hang from a construction tower as collateral. Riku proceeds to hand over the Capsules; where Kei explains he is now inheritor of Belial’s will, not Riku. In the middle of the exchange Zero appears to fight Kei, and he is joined by Zena. However, Zero is forced to rescue Arie, as the tower she is on collapses. Moa then takes Arie away, as Laiha rushes to assist Zena. Kei gets overwhelmed in the fight, and become a new Belial Fusion Beast, King Galactron. This transformations forces Riku and Zero to Ultra Rise to fight this new threat. King Galactron proves to a mighty opponent, and during the battle one of the blasts hit Moa’s AIB vehicle causing her to crash.

Geed and Zero assume to their strongest forms, and even then, are rivaled by Kei’s new strength. Laiha and Zena arrive to check on Moa, and Arie, but soon discover Arie is a part of Kei’s plan as she’s missing. In addition, Arie took the Ultra Capsules! Geed and Zero eventually defeat King Galactron, and pursue Kei who meets up with Arie. Arie present the Capsules to him, and confesses her love for him. However, Kei thanks Arie by killing her and reminding Riku, either one of them can bring forth “the end.” Within the next few days, Moa is seen to take Arie’s death seriously and blames herself. Whereas, Riku decides he will be the one to end it all…


My Thoughts:

Episode 22 feels oddly paced then again, the entire series moves too dang fast. With the finale looming most of the events within the episode make sense. Kei needs to acquire the Ultra Capsules that AIB possess so he can ‘bring forth the end.’ However, we, the viewers, are not too sure what that ‘end’ is. The process to obtain the Capsules seemingly makes sense, and easily pulled off with the assistance from Arie. Now, what follows is not too surprising, by having Kei kill Arie. Yet, a part of me expected Kei to either kill Arie episodes from now, or she would die giving her life for him; I legitimately believed Arie would be character we would see all the way to the finale!


Now, Arie’s “early” death maybe the only shocking thing about the episode overall. Whereas, Arie’s infatuation with Kei is not shocking, as it has been oddly developed since her debut. Early on viewers see Arie’s interest in Kei as a method to become famous. Yet, viewers could also notice Arie had a psychotic disorder with the indication she loves Kei, or the destruction that follows. Arie love for Kei is truly a mysterious one, and I am unsure if it is left to be a mystery or it was unintentionally mismanaged. Furthermore, Moa’s sense of guilt for Arie’s death seemingly feels uncalled for however, because Moa is established to be a pure individual she must feel guilty. It is terrible to view because Moa’s friends, and the audience see Arie’s death, as something practically unavoidable due to her allegiance to Kei. To be honest, several fans as well as myself wanted this outcome!


Then as for the action, it is honestly the best part. I found all the fight sequences to be executed amazingly. Yet, Riku still does not seem to partake in the action, which I find odd seeing that Laiha has been training him. It makes me wonder if there is some unseen agreement that when Riku is not Ultraman Geed that he should reserve himself? The reason I wonder this is because Riku’s lack of involvement feels like an edict production places, so the other characters have something to do. Now, that is not uncalled of in series, but without an in-canon reason to leave Riku out makes it odd. However, seeing Zena, and Laiha fight Kei was worth it. In addition, I am glad production managed to fit King Galactron into the series; King Galactron was a stage-show character that several fans thought would not appear at all in the series. It is just unfortunate that this Belial Fusion Beast maybe the least seen of the four. Also, Ultraman Zero Beyond’s Twin Giga Break attack is the probably my favorite attack in the series thus far!

Never the less, I seriously hope the final three episodes do a lot for the series. Ultraman Geed has felt like it has just flown by, and questionably sustains itself; with all that said I want the final episodes to be fulfilling, and well-paced. I do not the finale to be action on top of action, especially if this is meant to be the conclusion to Ultraman Belial’s story. Yet, currently it is unsure how Belial will be revived from his previous battle with his son! Could it be that the light on Kei’s back is Belial recovering, or is it just Kei’s organs overloading from his new found power?


Rating: 2.5 out of 5


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