Shin Kamen Rider Initial Cast & Official Trailers Revealed

Back in April, Toei held a Kamen Rider 50th Anniversary celebration to announce three new projects for 2022 and 2023. Among projects announced, the final one confirmed that Hideaki Anno would be directing an upcoming film titled, Shin Kamen Rider. Along with the film’s confirmation, promotional visuals and posters were revealed, as well as the official website launched. However, since then no other details were provided on its production until today when Toei hosted another press conference.


Now, from the new press conference the public finally was presented with the initial cast, official suit, and trailers. Playing the titular hero, Takeshi Hongo/ Kamen Rider, is Sosuke Ikematsu better known for his roles in Tetsujin 28 the Movie and Death Note: Light Up the New World. Whereas, his co-star is the live-action Kakegurui lead actress, Minami Hamabe, as Ruriko Midorikawa. For those unaware, the character Ruriko is the daughter of Professor Midorikawa, who helped Takeshi escape Shocker. In the original series, Ruriko blames Takeshi for her father’s death before discovering the truth, and becoming his ally. Unfortunately, the character was written out the series when co-star Hiroshi Fujioka was injured, forcing production to introduce Hayato Ichimonji. Anyway, from this casting reveal promotional images have been provided of them full dressed in their outfits for the film.

Then besides the casting news, two official trailers were provided with both recreating the original opening sequences from the 1971 series. The first trailer which is titled, Promotional Video A, is a recreation of the premiere episode’s opening credits. Whereas, the second trailer, Promotional Video B, is based on later openings before Hayato Ichimonji/ Kamen Rider 2 made his debut. Also, both videos reveal that the first Shocker combatant that Kamen Rider faced, Spider Man, will be apart of the production.


Promotional Video A

Promotional Video B

Unfortunately, this concludes the information provided at this time for Shin Kamen Rider’s production. However, since the film is scheduled for a 2023, we should expect more updates sometime in early 2022. Yet, currently from the information we have, the film looks to be a faithful and modern adaptation. Hopefully, whenever the next announcement for the film occurs, Toei will unveil the actor portraying Tachibana. Nevertheless, for more updates on Shin Kamen Rider and other tokusatsu news, pleased stay tuned to Hero-Club!


Source: Shin Kamen Rider Twitter & Official Site

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